Paperbag accepts previously unpublished poetry, visual art, music/sound, and hybrid work. 

We are looking to present portfolios, as opposed to individual pieces. With that in mind, send long poems and larger groups of poems (6-12 pages).  

We are open to a wide variety of styles and forms. To get a sense of our aesthetic, we strongly encourage you to browse some of our past issues. 

Submissions will remain open through the months of February and March.
Paperbag is particularly interested in presenting longer pieces or larger bodies of work. With that in mind, please submit 6-12 pages of poetry.  

Send your submission as a single file with clear breaks for separate pieces. 

We accept simultaneous submissions, but ask that you make a note in Submittable of which pieces become unavailable immediately. We only publish work that is previously unpublished.  

Please submit a portfolio of work (6-12 pieces). Feel free to upload each piece individually as a JPG.
We welcome submissions of video art. Please upload each video individually. 
Paperbag enjoys presenting music/sound experiments. Please view past issues to get an idea of our tastes in this regard. 

Before you submit, make sure you have the rights to the work, and that it is okay for us to keep the piece(s) on our website.  

Submitting an MP3 @ 128K should be sufficient.  

This category is for work that falls outside of the other categories or that is generally undefinable. We like this kind of work.